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Coaches | The School of Life


The life coach facilitates change using tried and trusted emotional intelligence skills, life skills, tools and techniques to empower their clients, in a caring, supportive and inspiring environment.

“We learn to starve our distractions and feed our focus. Our focus is learning to develop ‘a can do’ and ‘do have’ attitude and this attitude will determine our altitude and happiness” – Tracey Pinder

Al Hamilton

Cell: 0713822868

Email: al@theschooloflife.org.za

Allwin Barnabas

Cell: 0768879418

Email: allwinbarnabas@gmail.com

Anita Paropoulos

Cell: 0832335756

Email: anita@theschooloflife.org.za

Carmina Duarte

Cell: 0721493405

Email: carmina@theschooloflife.org.za

Geri Sutherland

Cell: +27 739191825

Email: geri@theschooloflife.org.za

Heather Robinson

Cell: +27 83 486 8817

Email: robertsonheather040@gmail.com

Jacqui Otto

Cell: 0725720584

Email: jacqui@theschooloflife.org.za

John Stratiotis

Cell: 0832481490

Email: Johnstrats@hotmail.com

Jordan Dangor

Cell: 0725720584

Email: jordan@theschooloflife.org.za

Kandi Rigney

Cell: +27 79 771 1967

Email: kandirigney4@gmail.com

Khensani Nkomo

Cell: 0685095360

Email: Khensanenkomo@gmail.com

Kokeletso Moiloa

Cell: 0781032003

Email: kokeletso@theschooloflife.org.za

Lauren Barkhuizen

Cell: 0836365000

Email: lauren@serengeti.co.za

Lisa O Neill

Cell: 0828750608

Email: ssapphire271@gmail.com

Melissa Hamilton

Cell: 0769706016

Email: melissa@theschooloflife.org.za

Morona Mokubedi

Cell: 0832129753

Email: moronam@gmail.com

Rowene Bowker Johnston

Cell: 0823449709

Email: rowene.bowkerjohnston@gmail.com

Sandra Quick

Cell: 0823351357

Email: sandra@theschooloflife.org.za

Sumaiyah Dowjee

Cell: 0828924246

Email: sumaiyah@theschooloflife.org.za

Tanya Masiyazi

Cell: 0828434693

Email: tanya@theschooloflife.org.za

Tasmika Chaturgon

Cell: 076 429 4055

Email: tazz.maharaj@gmail.com

Tracey Pinder

Cell: 0832663955

Email: tracey@theschooloflife.org.za

Valerie Stubbs

Cell: 0721503956

Email: valerie@theschooloflife.org.za

Zita Visnenza

Cell: 0834244787

Email: zita@theschooloflife.org.za

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The Influencer Character Education Curriculum


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Education is a powerful weapon which can be used to change the world, one person at a time.  We don’t know what we don’t know.  At The School of Life we are passionate about educating, equipping, empowering and inspiring you on how to think, and with the right life skills sets and mindset, you can become anything you wish to become and attain anything you wish to attain.

What is Coaching

At the core of life and wellness coaching is the belief that every person has the capability to be, do and have anything he or she desires.

We are all unique individuals but we share one very powerful attribute – the ability to create our own reality through our thoughts, intentions, beliefs and actions.

It’s a solution focused approach to personal development aimed at helping people/client’s make very positive and lasting changes in their lives.

People are encouraged to realise their true potential by following a process that will uncover and eliminate obstructive thinking and behavioral patterns in their lives

The life coach facilitates this change using tried and trusted emotional intelligence skills, life skills, tools and techniques to empower their clients, in a caring, supportive and inspiring environment.

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