New Year’s Resolutions: Set Yourself Meaningful Goals Instead!

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Skip The New Year’s Resolutions: Set Yourself Meaningful Goals Instead!

Millions of people set new year’s resolutions for the upcoming year – and most give up before completing them. According to statistics, 23% of new year’s resolutions are broken in the first week and 45% by the end of the month. So this year set meaningful GOALS, not resolutions!

New year’s resolutions are often things we WISH were different but we’re not (really) ready to change. Whereas a meaningful goal is something we WANT to do for ourselves. The ‘New Year’ gives us a great opportunity to reflect on the last 12 months, let go of the past, and define the future we want. So why not create an inspiring goal or three for yourself?

I do believe the original intent of New Years’ resolutions to be good-natured and well-intentioned. But unfortunately, resolutions have been twisted into these unattainable and unachievable standards we set for ourselves. And even if we are setting them because we genuinely want to grow and change, a few problems can come into play if we set them the wrong way.

Here are the three big reasons why you should be setting goals this year instead of resolutions:

  1. Resolutions are inherently negative.

Resolutions have become more about what we should stop doing, and changing the parts of ourselves we don’t like, rather than being about looking to the future and assessing our dreams, goals, habits, and passions in a positive light.

Words have some serious power. Negative words like “no” or “stop” can even create a physical reaction in our brains which releases stress hormones through our bodies.

  1. When we make these general and vague resolutions, we’re often just setting ourselves up for failure.

Have you ever made a resolution like “be more positive” or “lose weight” or “be more outgoing” or “worry less”… How would you even go about accomplishing those? How would you know whether you’ve been successful or not?

My advice is this: create goals that are check-offable. No, that’s not a real word, but what I mean by it is this: if you can’t complete/accomplish the goal, and check it off your list, it’s not a good goal. Aim to set SMART GOALS. SMART GOALS are Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Realistic, and Time-Oriented, or in other words, check-offable.

  1. Rather than looking to the future, resolutions can often be more about comparisons and societal pressure.

Resolutions that are set with “negative identifiers” (like “stop”, “no”, “less”, etc) are introducing distinct comparisons -and competition- between this next year, and the last. I also think that part of stating these negative resolutions involves holding on to the past; a past in which we view ourselves as “less than” or “not good enough”. I think many people agree, constant comparison is not healthy, whether it be between you and others, or even you with yourself.

We do ourselves a disservice by believing that we need to measure up to unattainable standards that we set for ourselves because we think we have to, not because we actually even want to. Are you only setting these resolutions on New Years’? What about the other 365 days a year you could be setting goals to grow and develop? Make sure you’re setting these resolutions because you want to, and do them for yourself, not anyone else.