The Bell House is a step-down psychiatric facility for adults. Rowene is a certified Life Skills Coach, a member of COMENSA and a HR Professional with the SABPP.

Rowene experienced the pressure of the corporate world as relentless. During her 25-year career in recruitment, sales, training and human resources, she remained stress-tolerant and relied on her adrenaline to keep her going. When she experienced anxiety, she self-medicated and worked harder to relieve the time pressures. Over the years Rowene hid her sad feelings and her negative thoughts, there was no way she was going to reach out and let anyone in, she’d handle this herself. Rowene recounts how real and discriminatory the stigma of depression and anxiety are.

Rowene found through awareness; acknowledgment and acceptance how to practically apply the life skills learnt. With the support of her family and friends, she maintains her well-being.

After years of volunteering as a coach and trainer at various NPO’s and charities, Rowene saw the need for a community-based multi-disciplinary approach to psychiatric care.

The Bell House, situated in Weltevreden Park has 10 beds.  It supports, guides, and upskills adults with mental health challanges.