Our involvement in various NPO’s and our community

Non Profit Organisation

A nonprofit organization (NPO), also known as a non-business entity, not-for-profit organization, or nonprofit institution, is dedicated to furthering a particular social cause or advocating for a shared point of view.

Community Involvement

“The greatness of a community is most accurately measured by the compassionate actions of its members.” – Coretta Scott King.c
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NPO’s we are involved in

Vuka Skhokho

Vuka Skhokho is a NPO that knows lowering drug demand in communities using current and relevant means is the only way this drug scourge will stop ravaging our communities. The age old adage “Prevention is better than Cure” has never been more pertinent. What distinguishes us from our counterparts is that our team is comprised of a diverse and eclectic team of former substance abusers who are extremely knowledgeable on both the theoretical and practical aspect of addiction and recovery. Not to be light-hearted on a crises that is quite literally destroying our communities we would however, like to emphasize that it is because we know first hand about substance abuse that we call ourselves “experts in the field” and are as a result better able to communicate in a more believable manner to our target group- which are the young and vulnerable in our communities. We do not only give out information in more accessible way, we also help them, the youth, come up with constructive, realistic and doable solutions and alternatives which we then help them implement.

None of these volunteers have any official training,  We have done two one day workshops with the team.   Our vision is to train each volunteer as a Life Skills coach equipping them to help the  individuals they serve with life skills.

Ebernezer Psychiatric Home

Ebenezer Psychiatric Home is a non-profit organization that takes care of mentally ill adults.  It was established as a residential home for people suffering from bipolar and schizophrenia.

The home consists of 23 permanent residents who live independently. They are situated in a residential area among the community of Witpoortjie, Krugersdorp.

Ebenezer House is currently receiving a monthly subsidy from the Department of Health and will be assisting the Department of Health in their efforts to move from custodian care to residential facilities. They are registered and licensed with the Department of Health.

Teddy Bear Clinic

The Teddy Bear Foundation is one of the few organisations that provide holistic integrated services to children that have been sexually abused by adults and children who have been sexually abused by children and they have been doing so since 1986.

Majority of the staff at The Teddy Bear Foundation are social workers.  There are offices at the courts in Johannesburg, Krugersdorp and Soweto.

The School of life would like to offer continued support to the staff by hosting one workshop a month at their offices in Johannesburg and offer one on one skills coaching sessions to those in need.

Tough Love

A Solution for families that are being torn apart by unacceptable behaviors, be it drugs, alcohol, substance, verbal or physical abuse.

Angels Reintegration Centre

The non-profit organisation, which serves as a safe home for women is based in President Ridge and trades as Angels Reintegration Centre for Ladies. The centre is said to be the only women’s home in the country for former drug and alcohol addicts and houses up to 12 women.

Africa Food For Thought

(AFFT) helps to provide food security to more than 18 0000 children to the west of Johannesburg. We provide regular meals for children to enable them to concentrate in class and study well.


  • 15 schools,
  • 24 creches,
  • 3 community projects
  • 125 Orphaned and vulnerable children.

According to the Children’s Institute at UCT the effects of poor nutrition on children are far reaching. It is estimated that more than 200 million children under five years globally will not realise their full cognitive development due to poverty, lack of proper care, poor health and inadequate nutrition. Research suggests that poor nutrition affects the educational outcomes of children, adult working capacity and economic productivity.

In Johannesburg, 43% of the poor face starvation and malnutrition. Researchers believe the figure could be higher and every day thousands of children go hungry.

The Bell House

A group home that serves as an alternative residence for those in need of care whilst in achieving an independent purpose driven life.

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