Bipolar Care Coaching – Six one hour Modules

There will be a question and answer time allocated at the end of every one of these sessions.

First session:
What is Bipolar?
Definition of Bipolar, causes, and symptoms.
Myths about Bipolar.
Removing stigma from Bipolar

Second session:
How do we treat Bipolar?
Therapy, medication.
Accepting your diagnosis.
Become an expert on your illness.

Third session:
Identifying emotions.
This can be used to help spot red flags.
Monitoring your mood. (mood diary)
Track Bipolar symptoms and identify patterns.

Fourth session:
Managing symptoms.
Education on medication and different therapy routes.
Problem -solving and enhancing social skills.
Reintegrating client back into a structured environment.

Fifth session
Self-help for Bipolar.
Suggestions and recommendations, books, or websites.
Stabilizing routine.
Nutrition, sleep, hygiene, etc
Do your homework.
The client will be given worksheets to complete.
Listen to your doctor.

Sixth session:
Making an emergency plan for treatment.
Suicidal thoughts, self-harm, psychosis
How do identify bad feelings, and who to call? What is psychosis?