Boundaries – Self empowerement through setting and enforcing boundaries

Learning how to set boundaries is a vital part of learning to own yourself, of learning to respect yourself, of learning to love yourself. If you never have to set a boundary, then you will never get in touch with who you really are – will never learn to define yourself in a healthy way. Each one of us is surrounded by space which we view as our space. We have various types of boundaries i.e. physical, emotional, intellectual, time, and other types. How these spaces are crossed by others is either of our own choosing or a violation. How do we control these boundaries and how do decide to let people into our personal spaces without it becoming a violation or an offense?


  • Learn the different types of  boundaries
  • Turn rigid or porous boundaries into healthy ones
  • Learn to set boundaries and how to enforce them
  • Stop being the victim and take responsibility for our choices
  • Find self-definition and self-worth internally and not in the view of others
  • Learn to value, trust, and listen to yourself
  • Learn that what you want, need, like, and dislike is important.
  • Learn to affirm your basic rights