The School of Life

Certified Life Skills Coaching Course

The best decision to make for yourself and a meaningful career is the decision to empower yourself with a range of effective and practical life skills.  Embarking on this wonderful journey with us will be one of the best investments you have ever made in your life to date.  Investing in yourself is always a good investment.  In fact, some argue that it’s the only investment worth making!!

This 17 day program  will be your map on your journey of becoming a Certified School of Life, Life Skills Coach and Certified Character Education Coach.

Uncovering and tapping into the potential of the human mind is the difference that makes the difference.  It’s the difference between making the best of your circumstances and creating the life of your dreams.  During this training you will be set free to create the life of your dream.  You will also learn how to empower others to create the lives of their dreams.  Be prepared for an exciting life changing experience that will empower you to become a confident, competent Life Skills Coach that can easily and comfortably empower your clients to create the lives they want.  Open your mind to possibilities and get curious about what you are going to learn.

The School of Life Coaching Team is committed to do everything we can to make sure that your learning is the best that it possibly can be.

Enjoy the journey, absorb the learning and embrace the change.



From: R40,000.00