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Psychometric Assessment – Career Guidance

A psychometric assessment for career guidance can be used as an invaluable additional resource when trying to make career choices. The assessment intends to highlight the different areas you may be best suited to work in, based on personal information as well as the results of the administered ‘tests’. The assessment is multidimensional, using different methods of gathering information in order to create as clear a picture as possible.


This assessment will not tell you what you should do or should not do. It is to be used as an informative resource that can help guide you in making decisions about your career.


The process begins with you filling out the intake form. Once this is sent back, we will arrange an intake session. Depending on your needs, this session can last up to two hours.


This session is for me to gain a deeper understanding of who you are; what your interests are; what you believe are your areas of strength and those that you feel aren’t as strong; what you are passionate about; what ideas you may already have for your working future, amongst other information. This is also the space for you to ask any questions that you may have.


After the intake session I will determine which selection of psychometric ‘tests’ are best suited to you and your needs. Within three days after the intake session I will contact you to arrange when you are available, either a morning or afternoon, to complete the ‘tests’.


Lastly, I will take all the information, from our session and the results of your ‘tests’ and compile a detailed report for you. This will be available within 5 working days after the assessment.

We will then schedule a final career counselling session where you can read through your report, and we can discuss what the results mean for you.


From: R4,475.00