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Stress Management Coaching – Age 13 – 18 years – Three one hour Modules

This is a PRACTICAL and FUN interactive 3 HOUR  life skills coaching program.


This practical Life skills coaching program was designed to reduce and eliminate stress and worry!

Success in the classroom depends on more than a student’s IQ. The way they are able to manage emotions and respond to stress impacts their ability to thrive not just in their relationships at home and school but academically as well. Thus emotional intelligence skills are required to equip them to successfully regulate their busy schedules and workload.

We understand the stress and uneasiness that can overwhelm students as well as the increase in self-doubt that can hinder their progress. The rapid changes experienced in life requires that a student is able to be flexible and to know how to take the necessary initiatives to succeed at their very best. Let’s not leave their progress to chance! This course can provide practical skills needed to deal with all these challenges.

Stress is our emotional and physical response to pressure You have more control of your emotions than you might think, in fact, the simple realization that you’re in control of your choices is the foundation of stress management.

This course can provide the practical skills needed to deal with all these challenges. Managing stress is all about taking charge of your thoughts, emotions, schedule, and the way you deal with problems Each session will cover a few of the ways to practically deal with stress and worry.

First session:
What is stress?
What are the symptoms of stress?

Second session:
What causes stress?
How do we carry our stress?

Third session:
How can we identify our stress?
How can we manage our stress?

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