Values and Beliefs: Two Hour Session

Some unrest comes to a person from not knowing what is truly important to them in life and making decisions based on what they think they ‘should’ do rather than what is congruent with their values.

It is like driving to a new destination without a current and accurate map. So, if our values and beliefs are the drivers in our life, then what we believe is what tends to happen. In essence, what we focus on is what we get. Coaches support people to get out on the table in a safe manner their identity, values, beliefs, stories, motivations, intentions, and plans, and to explore their patterns of behavior, including whether these patterns are ‘resourceful’ or ‘unresourceful’ to them. Through identifying their drivers and exploring their map, people will have a greater understanding of where they are currently at and what tweaks they may want to make to move forward in a resourceful way. The aim of values and beliefs coaching is for a client to move towards the life they want with their hands on the steering wheel.

Many come to realize that in order to create meaningful and lasting change, they must make that change; that they have choices and can decide what is best for them. Through coaching, people can learn to ask themselves empowering questions and take meaningful actions when challenges arise; they may cease to rely on other people to provide them with happiness and cease ‘the blame game’. Some clients ultimately become aware of how they create their own universe and everything that happens within it.


  • Understand who you really are
  • Decipher why you have made the decisions you have in life
  • Learn how to make choices that suit you better
  • Move forward in life in ways that feel good

This session covers the following:

  • Core beliefs worksheet
  • Values worksheet
  • Elicitation of values
  • My ideal life – what do I want?
  • New values and goals
  • Personal beliefs on new values
  • SMART goals

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