Trauma de-Briefing

Trauma counseling helps you to identify and come to terms with feelings and emotions you may experience during or after a traumatic event. These emotions will vary from individual to individual. Trauma can involve single incidents such as rape, a car accident, witnessing a robbery, or being involved in a natural disaster. Trauma can also be repeated and enduring emotional distress over a long period of time, such as childhood neglect.

There are many trauma counseling models, and they all have the same primary objectives: to resource you and help you get your life back on track. In time, you will be able to move from simply surviving, which often involves hardship and struggle, to living and eventually being able to thrive.


  • Help you understand your coping mechanisms.
  • Validate your feelings and emotions.
  • Stop using suppression and avoidance as forms of defense.
  • Help you make sense of what has happened to you.
  • Integrate the event meaningfully into your life.
  • Begin to live in the present rather than constantly being triggered by the past.

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