Group Trauma de-Briefing

The School of Life Counsellors conducts Group Trauma Debriefings, also known as trauma group therapy. These sessions are typically held when four or more individuals have been affected by a traumatic event. Through our Group Debriefing services, we create a safe platform for the group to openly communicate and share their thoughts and feelings about the event or incident. We ensure that the group comprehends the Trauma Process and its recovery phases.


  • Alleviates and mitigates the After Effects of Trauma
  • Facilitates a return to normal levels of functioning
  • Transforms a negative experience into a positive outlook on life
  • Promotes genuine Acceptance of past events
  • Enhances understanding of negative past experiences

Our Services

We provide the following services:

Business Coaching, Character Education Curriculum, Corporate Workshops & Wellness, Counselling, Life Coaching, Life Skills Coaching, Life Skills Workshops, Neurodiverse Coaching, Neurodiverse Free School Talks, Neurodiverse Information Workshops, Neurodiverse Lagging Skills Assessments, Neurodiverse Teachers Training Workshops, NLP Coaching, Parenting Workshops, Presentations, Talks, Trauma De-briefing, and a free monthly Neurodiverse Support Group Meeting via Zoom.

Send us a message and we’ll work with you to find a time and day for the session that works best for you. If you are unsure of the life skills you require, we may schedule an evaluation. Initial Assessment covers a quick overview of the person’s background, present difficulties, and the skill set needed to overcome difficulties and overcome obstacles that they are encountering personally or professionally.

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