Grief is the acute pain that accompanies loss. Because it reflects what we love, it can feel all-encompassing. Grief extends beyond the loss of people; when it follows the loss of a loved one, it may be compounded by feelings of guilt and confusion, especially in complex relationships.

Since grief follows its own path, there is no set timetable for the pain after loss, and it’s impossible to completely avoid suffering. In fact, attempts to suppress or deny grief can prolong the process and require additional emotional effort.

For some, grief is short-term, known as acute grief, though pain may resurface unexpectedly. Others experience prolonged grief, known as complicated grief, lasting months or years. Without support, this grief can lead to isolation and loneliness.


  • Focus on specific areas in your life where coping is difficult.
  • Identify strategies and behaviors to help cope and re-engage in daily tasks.
  • Accept your loss.
  • Find comfort in positive memories without feeling overwhelmed by loss.
  • Work through grieving in a safe environment.
  • Understand the normal stages of grief and recognize that your feelings are natural.

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